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Yesterday — 29 November 2023Main stream

Q-CTRL’s Quantum Software Boosts IBM Quantum Pay-As-You-Go Plan with Error Suppression

29 November 2023 at 09:11
Q-CTRL, a global leader in quantum technology, has integrated its Q-CTRL Embedded Quantum software with IBM Quantum's Pay-As-You-Go Plan. This marks the first time a third-party software vendor's technology will be available on the IBM Quantum Pay-As-You-Go Plan. The integration aims to provide user-friendly functionality to address the primary challenge facing quantum computing end-users: unreliable results from algorithms run on today's hardware. The combination of Q-CTRL technology and IBM Quantum services reduces this burden, making it simpler to get useful results from real hardware by automatically addressing the problem of noise and hardware error.
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OQC Launches Toshiko, World’s First Enterprise-Ready Quantum Computing Platform, Backed by $100m SBI Investment

27 November 2023 at 16:39
OQC, a global leader in quantum compute-as-a-service, has announced the public availability of OQC Toshiko, the world's first enterprise-ready quantum computing platform. The 32-qubit platform is deployed to commercial data centres, allowing businesses worldwide to access the technology. SBI Investment, Japan's leading venture capital fund, is leading OQC's $100m funding round. The platform is named after Toshiko Yuasa, the first female Japanese physicist. OQC is collaborating with global companies including Equinix, NVIDIA, AWS and McKinsey to bring quantum computing out of the lab and into the enterprise.

Classiq, NVIDIA, and Tel Aviv Medical Center Launch Quantum Computing Initiative for Healthcare

20 November 2023 at 12:08
Quantum software company Classiq, in collaboration with NVIDIA and the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, has launched the Quantum Computing for Life Sciences & Healthcare Center. The initiative aims to develop quantum algorithms and applications to revolutionise life sciences and healthcare, including drug discovery, molecular analysis, and personalised medical treatments. The centre will also address challenges in supply chain and treatment coordination. Classiq CEO Nir Minerbi believes the software driving quantum computing is growing rapidly. The centre will utilise NVIDIAH100 Tensor Core GPU capabilities and NVIDIA CUDA Quantum programming platform. The Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center will initiate the centre's collaborative approach.

Quandela and Exaion Partner to Democratize Quantum Computing in Europe and North America

15 November 2023 at 19:57
Quandela, a European start-up specialising in photonic quantum computing, and Exaion, a subsidiary of the EDF Group, have announced a partnership to democratise quantum computing in Europe and North America. The collaboration will see Quandela produce three scalable quantum computers for Exaion's extended cloud service. The service aims to deploy practical applications offering value for user companies, such as simulating industrial faults and optimising vehicle fleet trajectories. The partnership also plans to co-design a hybrid high-performance computing/quantum offering. Exaion plans to recruit quantum and AI experts and train its staff to exploit quantum computing's potential.

D-Wave Quantum’s Advantage2 Prototype Shows Promise in Quantum Error Mitigation

15 November 2023 at 15:18
D-Wave a leading quantum computing company, has announced successful Quantum Error Mitigation (QEM) in its Advantage2 annealing quantum computing prototype. The QEM techniques reduce errors in quantum simulations, leading to results consistent with the quantum system maintaining its quantum state for a significantly longer time. This advancement is expected to improve performance in the forthcoming Advantage2 system and future processors. The research, led by Mohammad Amin, marks D-Wave's first experimental demonstration of Zero-Noise Extrapolation, a practical QEM technique. This could help tackle complex problems in scientific and machine learning applications.

D-Wave Quantum Reports Record Q3 Results with 50% Revenue Increase

D-Wave, reported a 50% increase in revenue to $2.6 million for Q3 2023. The company's cash balance reached $53.3 million, the highest in its history. CEO Dr. Alan Baratz highlighted the company's growth in customer bookings and commercial revenue. D-Wave has signed new agreements with BBVA, QuantumBasel, NTT Docomo, Poznan Superconducting and Networking Center, and Satispay. The company is also exploring integrating its quantum technology with machine learning. D-Wave has made significant progress in the development of high-coherence qubits and quantum error mitigation.

Quantum Machines and QuEra Win BIRD Award for Joint Development of Quantum Computing Units

Quantum Machines and QuEra Computing have won a grant from the Israel-U.S. Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Foundation. The award will fund joint development of a photonic control unit (PCU) to boost the computational power of quantum computers. QuEra, known for its neutral atom computing platform, and Quantum Machines, which provides advanced quantum control solutions, will integrate the PCU into their quantum computers. The PCU could also be used in quantum sensors and communications devices. Alex Keesling, CEO of QuEra, and Itamar Sivan, CEO of Quantum Machines, both expressed excitement about the collaboration and its potential to advance quantum computing.

Zapata Computing: The newest Quantum Company about to hit the stock market

Zapata Computing / Zapara AI announced to the world that it will publicly list itself on the stock market. The quantum computing company intends to make itself a publicly listed quantum company to join the ranks of Rigetti, IonQ, and D-wave in publicly offering its shares. Zapata Computing, the Boston-based company that is focused on industrial generative AI software company, has found its way toward the public markets in a super-heated environment where AI, especially generative AI, has become an investment trend.

QuEra and QMware Team Up to Boost Hybrid Quantum Computing in Europe

QuEra Computing and QMware AG are collaborating to advance hybrid quantum computing. QuEra's quantum technology will be integrated into QMware's hybrid quantum computing cloud platform, making it accessible to European customers across research, industry, and academia. QMware's platform combines classical high-performance computers with virtual quantum processors. The integration of QuEra’s 256-qubit quantum computers will extend the platform's capabilities. QuEra's technology, including its 256-qubit Aquila-class machines and FPQ technology, will provide opportunities for QMware's customers. The collaboration aims to meet the growing demand for top-tier quantum solutions in Europe.

Colorado Named U.S. Quantum Tech Hub, Boosting Quantinuum’s Role in Quantum Computing Development

The US Department of Commerce's Economic Development Administration (EDA) has named Colorado a US Tech Hub for quantum technology. The Elevate Quantum consortium, of which Quantinuum is a founding member, will receive a grant to develop the quantum ecosystem in Colorado. This includes a new accelerator, funding for start-ups, and workforce development. Quantinuum, formed in 2021 by Honeywell Quantum Solutions and Cambridge Quantum, is the world's largest standalone quantum computing company. It continues to work with local universities and federal research facilities to advance quantum technologies. CEO Rajeeb Hazra expressed excitement about the expanding ecosystem in Colorado.

Qubits Ventures Launches $100,000 Quantum Startup Pitch Competition at Q2B 2023

Qubits Ventures, a venture fund focused on quantum technology companies, is hosting a $100,000 Quantum Startup Pitch Competition at the Q2B 2023 Silicon Valley conference. The competition is open to early-stage quantum startups, including those in quantum applications, devices, systems and transitional tech. Nardo Manaloto, founder of Qubits Ventures, believes this opportunity could accelerate the impact of quantum companies on societal problems. The competition will take place on Dec. 6, 2023, and applications are open until Nov. 15, 2023. The event aims to provide visibility and funding to promising startups in the quantum field.

Colorado Designated as U.S. Tech Hub, Poised to Become Quantum Technology Silicon Valley

Colorado has been selected as an official U.S. Tech Hub for quantum technology by the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Regional Technology and Innovation Hubs program. The state was one of 20 winners from 192 applications. Wendy Lea, an entrepreneur who helped organise a private effort called TechHubNow!, expressed excitement at the opportunity. The quantum industry is projected to bring $3 billion in funding to Colorado over the next decade and provide jobs for 30,000 future workers. Companies involved include Maybell Quantum, led by CEO Corban Tillemann-Dick, and Atom Computing, led by CEO Rob Hays.

QuEra Computing and Partners Secure DARPA IMPAQT Grants for Quantum Machine Learning

QuEra Computing, a provider of neutral-atom quantum computers, has been awarded two grants by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) as part of the Imagining Practical Applications for a Quantum Tomorrow (IMPAQT) programme. The grants will advance quantum algorithms and application development including Quantum Machine Learning. QuEra's technology is based on large-scale arrays of neutral atoms and offers up to 256 qubits on its Aquila-class machines. The company is also working on scaling up to higher numbers. Five of QuEra's partners, including Moody's, Harvard University, The University of Padova, BlueQubit, and Polaris Quantum Biotech, also received DARPA IMPAQT grants for projects on QuEra's quantum computers.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Breaks Ground on First IBM Quantum System One

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in Troy, New York, has begun work on the first IBM Quantum System One to be located on a US college campus. The quantum computer, expected to be operational by early 2024, is part of the new Curtis Priem Quantum Constellation, a research centre funded by Priem, an RPI graduate and co-founder of NVIDIA. The IBM Quantum System One will be powered by a 127-qubit IBM Quantum Eagle processor. The system will be housed in RPI's Voorhees Computing Center, a former chapel. The project aims to transform the Hudson River Valley into a 'Quantum Valley'.

D-Wave Quantum Computing Unveils Open-Source Demo to Boost Wireless Network Capacity

D-Wave, has launched a new open-source demonstration showing how its Advantage annealing quantum computing system can improve wireless channel decoding. This technology could increase transmission capacity for wireless and cellular networks, particularly in dense urban areas. The company has also collaborated with LG U+, the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), and Qunova Computing to develop a 6G low-earth-orbit satellite network. D-Wave's quantum technologies could also benefit employee scheduling, network design, and call center routing.

Japan’s Fujitsu and RIKEN Unveil 64 Qubit Quantum Computer, Launch Hybrid Quantum Computing Platform

Fujitsu and RIKEN have developed a 64-qubit superconducting quantum computer, marking a significant step towards hybrid quantum computing. The new computer will be used to accelerate research and development in quantum chemistry calculations and quantum financial algorithms. The technology was developed at the RIKEN RQC-Fujitsu Collaboration Center and builds on Japan's first superconducting quantum computer, revealed in March 2023. The partners also launched a platform for hybrid quantum computing, combining the new quantum computer with a 40 qubit quantum computer simulator. This will aid in comparing calculation results and accelerating research in error mitigation algorithms in quantum applications.

Rigetti Computing Wins DARPA Project to Advance Quantum Algorithms for Optimization Problems

Rigetti Computing, a pioneer in quantum-classical computing, has been awarded a project by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to advance quantum algorithms for solving complex optimization problems. The project, named “Scheduling Problems with Efficient Encoding of Qubits” (SPEEQ), aims to develop an efficient encoding of optimization problems onto qubits, enabling larger problems to […]