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by quake0
Thu Dec 31, 2020 4:04 pm
Forum: Super8
Topic: Fog looks diffrent on super 8.
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Fog looks diffrent on super 8.

Why does fog of the same density and color value look so much different
in qbism super them quakespasm? My fog setting in both super 8 and
quakespasm is .25 .0 .0 .0. I am trying to achieve the look of super 8
while having the distance fog look of silent hill.
by quake0
Mon Feb 27, 2017 4:07 am
Forum: Super8
Topic: Feature request
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Feature request

This is a list of feature request that I hope you consider. 1 low resolutions like 320x240 stretched. 2 Affine textures option 3 Adjustable FPS cap 4 CRT filter • scan lines • Noise • Blur • Color Fringing • animated roll bar to simulate a malfunctioning CRT 5 option to have short view distance like...