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behavior of the -game2 switch

Posted: Tue Jan 19, 2021 1:50 pm
by Joel B
Hi, quick question (I hope). The readme says:

[+] -game2 – set additional game dir on top of game. Handy for modding.

...which seems to say that assets in the "game2" directory would override any same-named assets in the "game" directory.

However in COM_InitFilesystem it looks like the opposite is true. It does COM_AddGameDirectory for "game2" first (and "game3", "game4") then subsequently for "game", so "game" has the last word.

I did a quick test of this with a different custom conback.lmp in the "game" and "game2" directories, and indeed the one from the "game" dir was the one used.

It looks like COM_InitFilesystem prioritizes the dirs from lowest to highest as "game2", "game3", "game4", "game".

Is that correct or am I confused? If correct... is that the intended behavior?


Re: behavior of the -game2 switch

Posted: Sat Jan 23, 2021 2:30 pm
by Joel B
Also FWIW, if I specify both game and game2, then savegames go in the "game" folder (not game2), and likewise any config changes will be saved in the "game" folder.

This is what I would expect if "game" is supposed to be always be the highest priority folder for file reads/writes. (I haven't yet actually tested game3/game4 but I don't expect them to change that.) So the code functionality as it currently is seems fine(?) and if so then it could just be a documentation issue.

Re: behavior of the -game2 switch

Posted: Sun Jan 24, 2021 11:14 am
by func_qbism
Definitely a documentation error. I just now corrected this in the console commands post. The behavior of the switches makes sense from the standpoint that saved games and screenshots will always be in the -game directory.

Re: behavior of the -game2 switch

Posted: Sun Jan 24, 2021 9:58 pm
by Joel B
Sounds good!

Re: behavior of the -game2 switch

Posted: Sat Aug 21, 2021 4:06 pm
by o n o d a
Currently playing through the new episode by Machine Games: Dimension of the Machine. No errors running with Super8 so far.

To get it to run via Steam I simply entered these command lines:

-game id1 -game2 mg1 +map mge1m1

Without the -game2 switch it wouldn't boot using -game mg1, and the app simply closed. I also couldn't get mg1 to run with Winquake, so software graphics purists may be in for some problem solving for a while, unless they stumble upon Super8. OpenGL derived sourceports work, like Quakespasm. Just an assumption at this point, although I am very happy the best looking sourceport works with the new episode!

[edit] I've posted a guide on Steam, since people were having trouble playing the new content with other sourceports. Hopefully, Bethesda will patch out this odd behaviour. For now it seems Nightdive's Kex engine is required to play DotM without errors via Steam, with Super8 being the exception.

*Update: unfortunately, on MGE1M1 an explosive barrel was missing for me. This is needed to blow up a certain obstacle. With this problem, it really does appear that the new episode is gated behind the Kex engine. I will update this guide once I find a fix. Any help will be much appreciated!