Cut-throat Solitaire: exciting new multi-player card game

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Cut-throat Solitaire: exciting new multi-player card game

Post by func_qbism » Wed Feb 24, 2021 10:32 pm

During many evenings of lock-down last fall, a friend and I invented AFAIK a new variation of two- (or three- or four-) player solitaire. It can be very frenetic with opportunities to unload large stacks of cards onto an opponent. The game is potentially rife with cheating, or perhaps rather "honest mistakes" if not paying enough attention to what others are doing. After several versions and tweaks, here's the latest set of rules that we played.

A competitive modification of Klondike solitaire for two or more players. The goal is to be the first to play all cards on the foundation piles.

Foundations: Piles of aces through kings of each suite.
Layout: A standard Klondike setup of 28 cards in 7 piles (tablaeus) of one through seven cards.
Stack: The cards used as the draw pile and discard (waste) pile.
Stuck: No plays are available from the layout or a complete run of the stack.

Shuffle together a number of 52-card decks equal to the number of players. Deal 52 cards per player. Each player builds a Klondike layout and a stack.

Each player operates independently per Klondike rules, with the following modifications:

* Foundation piles are in the center and shared by all players.

* A player may use an opponent's layout for play.

* A king on the stack, or a king on the layout with at least one card in the pile beneath it, may be moved to an empty pile in an opponent's layout.

* Any available card or group may be used to fill one's own empty pile if no kings are available.

* All available plays should be made before making a draw from the stack. Players may call out missed plays on each other.

* If all players are stuck, stack draw changes to single-card mode.

* If all players are stuck a second time, players draw single unexposed cards from layout piles.

* Any player may occasionally call for pause in gameplay when foundation piles need verification or tidying.

* Foundation cards may be played only one at a time. Exception: two sequential non-facecards of the same suite may be played on the same pile.

Wait for each player to complete plays between draws, signified when everyone has a hand on their stack.
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