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Combo QC source project

Posted: Mon Dec 28, 2015 12:47 am
by func_qbism
Combo QC is (or maybe was) an attempt to combine several QC projects into a Swiss Army knife of fixes and features. Looks like a few have tried this over time: ... fixes.html

Rotating door code requires an engine with rotation enhancement like quakespasm, fteqw, or super8.

This is ALPHA software. It compiled with fteqcc the last time I tried it, but hasn't been tested fully and may be incomplete.
combo qc source
(328.88 KiB) Downloaded 1208 times
basis- cleanQC from gnounc (GPL2) which predates gb's QIP additions mentioned here: ... in-a-hole/ I didn't know about that at the time, or could have avoided some redundant work. The latest version might be ... ree/master

enhance- QIP urqc from Maddes (GPL2)
(1.17 MiB) Downloaded 1176 times
enhance- extras from Pox (GPL2)
(779.95 KiB) Downloaded 1269 times
physics- gyro from QuakeMatt (GPL)

bots- frikqc from Frikac (public domain)

doors.qc - includes gb rotate_door demo code (???)