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2004 readme:

Version 4.X (final?)
Visit the new forum at qbism.com!

QbismFusion is a complete multi-player game engine based on Quake 2 open source code, but heavily improved to read Quake 3 format maps, models, and shaders. It can even play newer Q3 levels with complex lightmaps and textures. The source is a variation of Vic's Qfusion game engine + Chayfo's Fusion bot code + Jalisko's multi-part player model code.

This release is mostly minor fixes, cleanup, and a little bit of menu eye-candy. A couple of new features-
1. Type "godall 1" at the command prompt and all players and bots will be indestructable. Hit 'V' to respawn if you get stuck somewhere while in "godall" mode. (V is bound to the "escape" command by default).

2. A few more gesture commands were added. Now there's 'wave 0','wave 1','wave 2', and 'wave 3'. These are bound to keys h,j,k,l by default. The could be used by an enhanced player model for machinima or teamplay gestures. Since Q3 player models only have 1 gesture by default, for now the others call other arbitrary animations for demonstration.

3. Much improved directional bullet impact effect, from Jalisko's source code.

This is free software including free source code. Install solely at your own risk. Consult your attorney and/or chaplain regarding legality and/or morality in your locality.

1. Retail or demo quake3 must already be installed.

2. Unzip QBismFusion, keep full path names.

3. Copy pak0.pk3 from quake3/baseq3 to qbismfusion/baseq3.

4. Add any map paks you'd like to run to qbismfusion/baseq3.

5. Run qbqf.exe. That's it!

Run qbqf and start a deathmatch network server. The map you've selected in the menu will start. A list of basic bot commands is diplayed. Enter "sv addbot" to add a bot. Repeat as desired. Bots may be given names and skins. Use "sv addbot Anyname [Anyskin]" For Capture the Flag, do "sv addbot red(or blue) [Anyname] [Anyskin]".

The engine is based on the 4.X version of qfusion, prior to cgame in version 5. It should be easier to port Lazarus or other Quake 2 mods to QbismFusion or qfusion 4.X than qfusion 5 and up because code organization is more similar to Quake 2. However, dependence on Quake 2 pak content is removed. References to most md2 format models are replaced with md3 models, sometimes in a crude way... you'll notice for example blaster bolts are replaced with little q3 health bubbles! he-he! ha. >cough.<

See also the Fusionbot and Qfusion docs for more detail, although some portions of the docs are out-of-date. Clearly more documentation would be helpful... I'll gladly accept contributors!

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